Kids Out and The Haven Wolverhampton

Our club supports many organisations in the community- this just received shows the wonderful things we can do when we work together.

Good morning Richard

I just wanted to let you know that the toyboxes The Rotary have funded have arrived from Kidsout – they are amazing.To you and everyone at Wolverhampton Rotary Club I wanted to say thank you so much for making Christmas magical for the children at The Haven.

Last Christmas when I was in one of our refuges a little child said to their mom, is Santa still going to come here, how will he know where we live? I am sure this is something a lot of the children we support think, after leaving their home behind to flee from the fear of abuse at Christmas. Your support will mean that Santa will visit all of the refuges and they will wake up on Christmas day to the most lovely gifts to open.

I will send you an official thank you in the New Year as I would love to share with you what the moms and children thought of these toys and let you know how Christmas was at The Haven.

Best Wishes

Hayley Powell

The Haven Wolverhampton




Rotary Delivering Happiness

Our Club Shoebox operation of 2020 finally was completed on Friday 27th November.
As you can see from the photograph, my handy van was loaded with 271
Shoeboxes and the delivery was made to the new distribution point in Oldham
at around lunchtime.

Our collection will be added to those in the Shoebox warehouse and along with many others, will soon be heading out to Eastern Europe- Romania, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.
Of those 271 Shoeboxes, 60 were provided by Sylvia Morgan and her team of
family and friends-and 40 boxes provided by Julie Hickman with her family
and friends helping too.
Sylvia and Julie would have put in a lot of effort to make such wonderful
contributions and deserve our special thanks and congratulations.
My friend Peter Kay and the members of the Bethel Christian Fellowship in
West Bromwich produced an also amazing 33 boxes so many thanks to them also.
They are a busy Church but always find time to help those in need.
This left 138 boxes being provided by our Club members who donated between just a touch over £800   to spend during my 5 visits to Poundland. I’m not sure if I was in the
running for ‘Customer or the Month’ but it must have been close! I was
almost on first name terms with some of the staff there….
So thank you most sincerely to everyone who contributed for once again
embracing the scheme and allowing our club to make such a significant
contribution to this wonderful scheme.
Mike Boyce.