Rotary in Wolverhampton Community Grants Fund.


The four local Rotary Clubs and the James Beattie Charitable Trust have teamed up to offer grants to local groups.

A fund of £10,000 can be accessed by individuals, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise groups, working in the community to overcome problems arising from deprivation, poverty, disability and lack of opportunity.

Groups and individuals will be able to apply for grants of between £250 and £500.

Grants will be awarded to applicants demonstrating how the funding will be used:

  • to make a difference to the well-being of local people and
  • to open up opportunities for people to develop their abilities and skills.

Factors that will be considered in awarding a grant will be:

  1.  The number of people who will benefit and the extent and duration of the impact on them.
  2.  The impact on a family or on the community as a whole.
  3.  Other funding the applicants may have for their proposal, or matched funding that can be attracted.

Further guidelines to note:

  • Applicants must demonstrate that they are established in their communities.
  • How they will use the funding to help local people.
  • Beneficiaries must have a connection to the Wolverhampton area in terms of living or working in the City, or receiving services from an organisation based there.
  • Grants can be used to employ people, to purchase the provision of services, to facilitate the acquisition of disability equipment or items needed to support daily living needs.
  • Application form available here-  CLICK HERE
  • Download the application form onto your device (This is a Word document – please complete it on screen, saving as you go.When needed, additional lines will appear in each box)Enter the name of your organisation and save your application form.
  • Complete and return your application, still as a Word document, no later than 25th January 2024.
  • Please do not send pdf’s.
  • Please title your emails to us with CGF23/24 in the sublect line, followed by the name of your organisation.
  • Send your email to, attaching your completed application form.
  • You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.
  • All completed applications submitted by the closing date will be evaluated by an assessment team, who may ask for further information by email or telephone by no later than 15th April 2024. All applicants will be notified by email whether they have been successful  or not, and payments to successful applicants will be made very shortly afterwards.