Our Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of the City of Wolverhampton

One of Great Britain’s oldest clubs, established in 1921.

Membership approximately 50.

In 1945 a club member, Tom Warren, was one of only five British Rotarians ever appointed President of Rotary worldwide.

A programme of social events for members and their families.

Annual fundraising in the region of £50,000.

Major Fundraising event: Dragon Boat Challenge at Himley Hall, in May each year. In nineteen years the event has raised over £400,000.

Annual Tree of Remembrance event has raised over £100,000.

The unique  Best Foot Forward event held at Aldersley Leisure Village each July- has raised over £140,000 in just 6 years.

Principal achievements:

Active participant in the establishment of Compton Hospice.

Establishment of Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre.

Provision of Mini-bus and refurbishment of premises for Spurgeon Trust.

Replacement of beds for Compton Hospice and major contributor to 2012 refurbishment.

Ongoing support of many local charities.

Significant contributor to disaster appeals.

The club meets each Tuesday (except in September and not after Bank Holidays) at:

Linden House, 211 Tettenhall Road, WV6 0DD.

For further information please contact Club Secretary, Gerry Peters, at the above address,

or telephone 01746 714075

email: petersgjohn@aol.com

Gerry Peters