Rotary Wolverhampton Supporting Lend with Care

News from the Foundation/International Committee.

At the end of the Rotary year, we had a small sum left in our budget spending allocation. The committee decided to add to our investments in the Lend With Care scheme, managed on our behalf by Richard Walton. This provides small sums on a revolving

loan basis for people in Third World Countries to set up and run their own minor businesses.

Currently we have 112 loans in action, with no bad debts. This has enabled us to help 313 individual or groups of entrepeneurs, leading to the support of 1077 family members and the creation of 188 jobs.

A typical recipient amongst several in the latest set of loans is 57 year old Blanca Oliva Chamba, shown in the photogra

ph who lives in Loja, Southern Ecuador. She was taught farming by her father and now grows lettuce, cabbage, coriander, onions, lemons and parsnip, earning her living by selling the produce locally. She has already repaid one loan in full and wishes to expand her business.

Richard Green