Budding Engineers shine…again!

Once again it was our great pleasure to take the Rotary Junior Technology Challenge to Uplands Primary School.

Over the two days of Wednesday and Thursday March 13th and 14th.. 96 year 5 children were keen to learn how to become engineers by building a bridge for a squirrel to cross in safety. On the first day, after an invitation from the presenter Richard Green, the children named the squirrel, by a majority vote, ‘Bob’ and on the second day he became ‘Sammy.’

The children were completely engaged and enthusiastic, providing the Rotarian team with great satisfaction at being able to give encouragement and knowledge to young people.

The children had given their teams some unique and amusing names. The winners on the first day were ‘The Good Girls’ with runners up ‘The Science Squad’ and on the the second day it was ‘Shooting Stars’ with ‘Red Robot Devils’ the runners up.

Thanks are due to club members President Charles Cox, Norman Holmes, Stuart Williams and Richard Horrell together with District Youth Service committee members Robyn and Trevor Davies and Peter Langdon for coming along to be part of the team; also we give a very special thank you to Brian Bailey who worked extremely hard in preparing the copious amount of material and equipment needed in advance.

PDG Richard Green