The Christmas Appeal 2023 Outcome #1

The Christmas appeal at the Rotary Club of the City of Wolverhampton this year was supported by over 50 people.

Club members, friends of club members and friends at the Bethel Christian Fellowship Church in West Bromwich gave a great many gifts and contributed in excess of £2,000 towards this appeal.

The appeal would be split between 4 recipients and this is the outcome of recipient number one- the Kanyama Free Baptist Community School in Lusaka, Zambia.

Over 300 children of the school attended during the day of celebration in advance of Christmas and the last day of their school term.

Each youngster received fruit, pop, crisps and a small gift.

Much singing and dancing took place and I am told by the Head teacher, Mr Beston Chilemalema that it was wonderful occasion.

The photographs and video certainly confirm this.

The school is located in an extremely impoverished township just outside the city centre of Lusaka and this club has been supporting them for several years, in which time the school has doubled in size.

Click the clip below to see what enjoyment was had!

Thank you video clip


CLICK HERE to read a message from the Head teacher who tells us about Christmas in Kanyama.

Our most recent project has been the building of a soon to open extra classroom.

More of that in early 2024.