District Governor Visits Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre

Centre Manager Paula Anderson, District 1210 Governor Doctor Mukunda Chidrawar and PP Peter Williams

The M.S.Therapy Centre was opened in 1984 as a Wolverhampton Rotary Club project in the year of Peter Williams’s Presidency and a recent Club visit to the Centre replaced our usual venue.

The Centre Staff of Paula Anderson, Lisa Sheward and Vicky Watkiss organised an excellent buffet lunch (including the option of purchasing alcohol for those Rotarians suffering from a drink-deprivation problem….!!) and the ratio of “the number of sandwiches consumed per Rotarian” produced an unsurprising figure……!!

Lunch was followed by  Centre Chairman Peter Williams welcoming District Governor Mukunda Chidrawar, Club President Charles Cox and our own Club Members.Following Peter’s talk on the history of the Centre, which was illustrated with a video of the early days, he spoke of the support from our Club which has continued over 39 years, there then was a congratulatory response from Mukunda.  Paula spoke of the progress of the Centre over the  years and the plans for the future of the many treatments and facilities which the Centre offers.

Peter also added that the Trustees at the Centre will be working closely with Rotary Club members at their fund raising events to support the essential services that the Centre provides.

All in all it was an excellent and informative visit and hopefully the continued involvement of our Rotary Club will aid the ongoing success of the Centre.


Welcome to our New Member

Please give a warm welcome to our newest member.

Violeta Saladiene 

She is a Lithuanian lady who has been living with her family in Wolverhampton for the last 11 years. She is a freelance interpreter for Ministry of Justice and a speaker and a podcaster.   Her family has grown up now and she wants to help people who are less fortunate than herself. She had heard about the wonderful work that Rotary does and wanted to get involved. So she contacted me and we talked.

She liked what she heard and in the short time I have known her she has been to our District conference and is already getting involved with our Tree of Remembrance.

I’m sure she will make a great contribution to our club.

People like Violeta will make a difference.

That’s what we’re all about.

Past president Sylvia Morgan

Rotary Jaipur Limb

We are delighted to announce that the Rotary Club of Quilon, Kerala, India, has made the Rotary Excellence award to the RJLP lead ambassador in India, PDG Scaria Jose, in recognition of his long serving and unstinting support for the disabled across India. His latest achievement has been to advise the Quilon club in their successful bid for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant to carry out 5 mega limb camps.


RJLP Trustee PDG Richard Green was similarly honoured during his visit to the club in February 2023 when a meeting was held to begin the process of making the application. The funds, to the value of $33,679, are due to be transferred from the Rotary Foundation in week commencing June 19th., so that the project will commence imminently.

In a separate development, PDGs Scaria Jose and Richard Green are currently working closely together to increase the number of RJLP ambassadors across India so as to grow the knowledge of our activities and to raise further funds, meaning that more projects can be undertaken. Currently 7 new ambassadors have been appointed and full details will be released when the team is complete.

Rotary in Wolverhampton Community Grants Fund.

The four local Rotary Clubs and the James Beattie Charitable Trust have teamed up to offer grants to local groups.

A fund of £10,000 can be accessed by individuals, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise groups, working in the community to overcome problems arising from deprivation, poverty, disability and lack of opportunity.

Groups and individuals will be able to apply for grants of between £250 and £500.

To read all about this wonderful grants opportunity CLICK HERE