Rotary Junior Technology Challenge

Rotary Junior Technology Challenge a great success…again!

After a 2 year gap it was a great pleasure to be invited back to Uplands Junior School in Finchfield to present the Rotary Junior Technology Challenge to 96 year 5 children over 2 days.

The pupils learn about what engineers do and how they build bridges.

This is all done in a fun way and then the youngsters are set a challenge to build a bridge using the kits we provide.

The bridge has to meet certain criteria then it’s tested by trying to blow a toy squirrel off with a hair dryer, as if there was a gale in force! This always causes great amusement and it’s wonderful to hear the children laughing.

Also very amusing were the names of the teams the children chose for themselves such as ‘The Floppers,’ ‘Crafty Warriors’ and ‘Little Tech Einsteins.’

The winning team on the first day was ‘The Golden Hackers’ and on the second day, DTWhizzkids.’ Each member of the teams received a book token prize.

My thanks to club members Lorraine McCarthy, Charles Cox, Richard Horrell and Lisa Stallard for providing such valuable support; on the first day we were joined by District Governor Robyn Davies and the District organiser, Peter Langdon. Grateful thanks and appreciation are also due to IPP Brian Bailey who worked so hard in getting all the equipment and materials prepared before the event.

It’s really satisfying to be able to report that the feedback from the school staff and the youngsters has been first class, as evidenced by the postings on the school website and facebook page.

President Richard.