City of Wolverhampton Rotarians respond to a crisis.

After contacting our honorary member, the Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Greg Brackenridge, we learned that the City is receiving a large number of refugees from Afghanistan and asylum seekers from other wartorn parts of the world.

A large number have already arrived.

From L-R, Denise Williams (Wolverhampton City Council,) Rotarians Lorraine MaCarthy, Sally Woods and President Richard Green.

An appeal was launched for clothing and other goods to help these suffering people who come to us with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

The response from Wolverhampton Rotarians, their friends and familes has been swift and almost overwhelming.

So great is the quantity of goods being received that our Rotarian who is collecting them, Sally Woods, says her car was overfull. So, Rotarian Lorraine McCarthy and the President joined Sally in making the first delivery to the Council collection centre.

The council officer in charge, Denise Williams, tells us that clothing and in particular men’s and ladies’ shoes and pushchairs for toddlers are still required, so we will keep the appeal going.

Well done Rotarians, friends and families for their support, and the City Council for offering a welcome to people who have suffered so much!

President Richard.