Cradle support at New Cross Hospital

The Grant Giving Committee of our Club recently awarded Cradle Charity £200 for their work at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton.

Acknowledement below for their local ambassador, Bekki Llloyd-

‘CRADLE is a national charity that supports the NHS and bereaved parents who are receiving care following the loss of their baby or in some cases babies during early pregnancy.

One of our projects is the Comfort Bag project, given to bereaved parents during their hospital stays. Many of the bereaved parents find themselves being admitted to hospital during an emergency with basic toiletries not available. Also, within these bags will be leaflets signposting women and their partners to our services offering immediate support.

The £200 donation will go towards funding empty yellow comfort bags and specialist baby loss counselling sessions for individuals and couples’.

Bekki Lloyd

To email Bekki- CLICK HERE