City Club Rotarian Doing Good in Cambodia

The Foundation/International committee recently made a donation to the charity Feeding Dreams, Cambodia and a certificate of appreciation was received.

Feeding Dreams Cambodia was formed in 2012 to assist hundreds of starving children and their families from a commune in Sala Kamreuk. It is a non-profit, non political, non religious, non governmental ‘grass roots’ organisation which focuses on holistic, sustainable development within the local community.


Shortly before joining RotaryJulie served as a volunteer at a school supported by the charity in Siem Reap.

Julie tells us:

“The school is situated within the most deprived slum areas of Siem Reap. My contribution was my time when I worked with families to encourage them to send their children to the school, identifying family and community issues, and looking at possible solutions to assist, finding sponsors for children and fundraising.

It is a humbling and inspiring experience to work there. It costs approximately £35 per month to keep a child in school and ensure the child and their family are fed, and approximately £1 per day to keep 30 children attending the school. I plan to return next year.”