The Rotary Foundation at Work

The Rotary Foundation provides Global Grant funds for humanitarian projects all around the world. In a typical year over 1300 grants are made, usually totalling around 86 million US dollars.These include the building of schools under a one of the so called areas of focus of the Foundation called Basic Education and Literacy.

.All the projects are carried out under the care of local Rotary clubs working in partnership with clubs in other parts of the world. In order to ensure that the grants are properly expended, the Foundation has a cadre of technical advisors with specialist knowledge who will, in normal times, visit the projects and examine all aspects, including workmanship, quality and financial management. The present Covid19 pandemic has meant that such visits have to be carried out remotely, using Zoom technology.

The City of Wolverhampton club has 2 members of the cadre. One is Richard Green who recently carried out a 3 hour ‘visit’ to a school being built by the Rotary Club of Sunyani Central in Ghana, in partnership with a number of clubs in the USA. He was helped tremendously by Dr. Zoya Kpamma, a lecturer in archtecture  at the building department of Sunyani Technical University who gave his services free of charge as he carried out the inspections on site.

The project, valued at 114,000 US dollars is on course to open in January 2021 when 185 boys and girls will begin to receive a much better standard of education, and employment will be provided for 6 teachers.

A great number of Rotarians and other partners have worked extremely hard to deliver a great job in Humanitarian Service!