The Memories Live On…….

The Rotary Club of the City of Wolverhampton has been organising the Tree of Remembrance in the City centre since Christmas 2003.  In that time over £100,000 has been raised for City charities while, at the same time, providing local people the opportunity to remember lost loved ones in their Christmas celebrations.

Since last Christmas the world has changed and history books will record 2020 as the first modern global pandemic. Restrictions introduced as part of the campaign to contain the virus have impacted on every-day life, including the staging of the annual Tree of Remembrance.

Requirements with regard to social distancing and sanitising prevent us from setting the Rotary show cases displaying the names of those remembered in the Wulfrun Centre.

What a difference a year makes – Tree of Remembrance show cases in the Wulfrun Centre last November, when no-one had heard of Coronavirus.

However, the Express & Star will continue to publish the names of loved ones and messages in regular special features in the run up to Christmas.  The messages will also be used to make a new complete list every few days which, instead of being in the show cases, will be on view here until November 2021.

To see the current list of those being remembered, CLICK HERE


If you are not a past contributor to the Tree of Remembrance, but would like to add to the memories being shared, you will need to let us know the name(s) of the loved one(s) you are remembering.

This can then be posted to the address shown, together with your cheque. Please don’t forget to sign the Gift Aid declaration if you are a taxpayer.

If you would like to print the form – please CLICK HERE

 Charities for 2020

This year we will again be supporting local charities Compton Care, The Haven Wolverhampton, The MS Therapy Centre and The Rotary Charitable Trust, and have set out below a brief background to each of them.

President Richard Horrell and event Organiser Mike Colley hand over cheques from the Club’s 2019 Tree of Remembrance to the benefitting Charities.

Compton Care provides care and support for patients living with incurable conditions and their families. It has been running in Wolverhampton for over 36 years and offers round the clock expert care in its in-patient unit as well as caring for people in their own homes. Members of the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton were involved in the original concept of providing a hospice in the city for the terminally ill, and worked together with others to turn the dream into reality. Since the Hospice was opened it has touched the lives of many in our city. The Hospice has for over 30 years provided excellent care for local people suffering from a life-limiting illness.

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The Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre, from its base in Newbridge, for over thirty years has provided support for Multiple Scelerosis sufferers, not only from Wolverhampton, but also those from a wide area beyond the city.The treatment, provided by a volunteer team, is based upon the provision of high level oxygen which many sufferers find brings a measure of welcome relief from the effects of this debilitating condition.  The benefits of exposure to oxygen have also been found to relieve discomfort, or accelerate healing, in cases of ulcers, diabetes, sports injuries and some cancers.As well as the Oxygen treatment, Physiotherapy and Reflexology treatment are available and the Centre also provides a very important opportunity for patients to share thoughts and experiences, in a relaxed social environment.

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The Haven provides a range of support services to help develop practical and emotional skills, rebuild confidence, overcome past trauma and assist in moving forward to a life free from abuse.  Services include a 24/7 telephone helpline and live chat support; a range of emergency accommodation and safe housing supporting over 150 women and children; community support for families:, court advocacy; children’s dedicated services; financial inclusion, benefits and immigration support; resettlement and life-skills and counselling and holistic therapies.

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The Rotary Charitable Trust is a registered charity set up by  Rotary Club of The city of Wolverhampton in order to handle monies raised on behalf of others.  These funds are kept very strictly apart from the club’s own funds.  Each year the Charitable Trust typically generates in the order of £50,000 for the benefit of needy causes.The funds are raised by the club’s 50 members from a variety of activities and all sums raised are paid over to those benefitting without the deduction of any costs.Many of the charities and organisations which benefit are based within our own City, some are national, while others fulfil needs across the world.

If you would like to know more about the Rotary Club of the City of Wolverhampton and the Rotary movement in general- CLICK HERE 

If you would like to make a donation to be shared by these charities, without including the name of someone to be remembered –please CLICK HERE